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When it comes to product launches in Singapore Haute Event Management ensure that your prestigious brands get the well-deserved visibility to warrant a prominent position in the marketplace. Therefore, to ensure that your brand is valued and grows sustainably over time, Haute Events’ Creative Director, Head of Design, and Director of Strategy work hard to ensure that your brand receives the start it deserves. The greatest service Haute Events provides is its committed team members who will listen to your every need and then turn it into a successful product launch by combining it with their own creative ideas.

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The team at Haute Events don’t view product strategy launch as just an event, but they view it as a startup that will guide and direct your brand’s future sales momentum and future brand image. To ensure that our clients’ brands gain momentum in the marketplace and prosper over time, Haute will work to truly understand your market needs, and then position and leverage the launch message in such a way that not only the sales are maximized at the time of the launch, but that the launch becomes an event to remember.

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Haute Events Management also ensures that our client’s brief is strong before going through with the product launch. We are very meticulous in our client selection and ensure that we only work with clients who are willing to give us their 100% in terms of pre-launch research, product positioning and future market plans. This is done to ensure that our brief and client brief supports each other resolutely and we get each other’s back throughout the process. We ensure that the brand and product launch lives up to its claims and that customers are delighted by the product launch and are willing to be a part of the rest of the journey of the brand’s life.

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We continuously learn and work meticulously to provide the brands’ the ramp and launch they deserve to takeoff in the market and to create a strong place in customers’ hearts and mind. Our team realizes that as partners, we can achieve more so we always help our clients as partners and facilitators instead of just managing event launches for them. Therefore, we are with the client from the stages of pre planning till after the product strategy launch to ensure that each and every step of product launch goes as planned and proves to be fruitful for the brand image and positioning in the market. 

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Whats included in our product launch package ?

Haute presents a complete package for Product Launch Strategy. This includes :

Creative Direction/Design Ideation:

This includes ideating the overall theme for the launch, design and conceptualization of invitations, designing installations that will be used as props during the event or as graphic support for overall stages done by Haute at the venue where the product strategy launch is held.

During this stage we ensure that maximum opportunities are provided to our clients to help them create an impactful brand image in front of their target audience. We also work with the client so that they present their logo in a unique way which helps it be memorable and therefore increase brand recall.

Location Scouting:

We have a team of experienced location scouts who help us scout for the perfect venue to ensure that each and every event we handle is a success.

On-site Management:

During this stage , our team of managers on-site works closely with the clients, attendance management tools are used, live feedback is provided about marketing resonance and status update of objectives like stage completeness, show time etc…

We also work tirelessly on the floor to check attendees’ responses and give them post event reports which capture their immediate reactions. This helps us keep track of future plans that might be needed at appropriate times. Our team ensures that the brand gets maximum visibility through visible branding displays like banners, flag stands, logos boards etc.,

Pre Event Public Relations:

Haute engages with the media for creating buzz and awareness of the product prior to launch. This ensures that there is a strong pre event traction and therefore post-event publicity is done at various levels. It also ensures that we cover all distribution channels required for our clients ensuring maximum visibility. 

Creating newsworthy information about the new product or brand launch: Ensuring that news releases are disseminated to relevant media sources including print, digital and broadcast outlets ahead of the launch date.

We also coordinate with journalists from online platforms as well as from television/print/radio events who have been engaged to come for interview either before or after the conference depending on client’s requirement. 

Securing a media list:

We have a strategic partnerships with various PR agencies and consultants which helps us secure a strong database of journalists/media sources from leading channels. We help our clients build considerable recall for their brand launch through these press conferences.


Hautec works with the client to develop a unique, media-worthy press kit. Making sure it contains up-to-date information about the product, its features along with other credentials like testimonials by celebrities who are associated with this new launch. It makes the business seem more trustworthy to customers. It also demonstrates how committed the brand is to its operations. It also aids in increasing consumer participation after an event has occurred.

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