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Event Management

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At Haute Event Management, we are a team of real people who love creating beautiful things and thus, we work every day with our clients to create, manage and execute their events perfectly. The reasons that we perfectly execute our clients’ events is because our team of experts have over two decades of experience in the cutting edge event management industry. We take full ownership of our clients’ events and treat them as our own, thus, each and every event managed and executed by Haute Event Management is a classic and is executed to perfection.

Managing events is the lifeline of our company and we take immense pleasure in doing our work and thus are always striving to add on to the umbrella of our services which ranges from green events, road shows, product launches, AV rental, decoration and themed events services, gala and awards and providing various modes of entertainment for your events. However, irrespective of the nature of your event, our focus is always the same i.e. the meeting of the client’s business objectives efficiently.

Attention to detail is extremely important at Haute Events and special care is given to each detail and specific request of our clients, and special care is taken fulfill promises and deliver perfection. We recognize that business objectives are only met once each and every step of the event management ranging from planning, discussing, researching, executing and reviewing has been done seamlessly. Thus, our Creative Director, Head of Design and Director of Strategy give our clients their undivided attention to ensure that we can create a perfectly customized fun filled event for you so that you get a return on your investment and we add another name to the list of our happy clients.

Our knowledge of entertainment and event management industry is surpassed only by the excellent services that we continually give to our clients. Because we have been in the industry for such a long period of time, our contacts in the event management industry are endless! And as we are a volume buyer, we can negotiate the best prices possible for you. Moreover, we take pride to serve a wide range of clients i.e. from elite class to common man and from reputed multinational organization to the small companies. Thus, no matter what the scope and nature of your event is, Haute Event Management will take full responsibility and quality control measures to ensure that your event progresses impeccably.

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Product Launch Singapore

Product Launch

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Product Strategy


Haute Event Management ensure that your prestigious brands get the well-deserved visibility to warrant a prominent position in the marketplace. Therefore, to ensure that your brand is valued and grows sustainably over time, our Creative Director, Head of Design and Director of Strategy work relentlessly to ensure that your brand gets the startup and launch it deserves. The best service that Haute Events provide you is that its’ dedicated team members will listen to your each and every need, and will work with your time and resources and then give it their very best strategic twist to convert it into a successful product launch.

The team at Haute Events don’t view product strategy launch as just an event, but they view it as a startup that will guide and direct your brand’s future sales momentum and future brand image. Thus, to ensure that their clients’ brands gain momentum in the marketplace and prosper over time, Haute will work to truly understand your market needs, and then position and leverage the launch message in such a way that not only the sales are maximized at the time of the launch, but that the launch becomes an event to remember.

Haute Events Management also ensures that our client’s brief is strong before going through with the product launch. Thus, we are very meticulous in our client selection and ensure that we only work with clients who are willing to give us their 100% in terms of pre-launch research, product positioning and future market plans. This is done to ensure that our brief and client brief supports each other resolutely and we get each other’s back throughout the process.  We ensure that the brand and product launch lives up to its claims and that customers are delighted by the product launch and are willing to be a part of the rest of the journey of the brand’s life. Thus, we continuously learn and work meticulously to provide the brands’ the ramp and launch they deserve to takeoff in the market and to create a strong place in customers’ hearts and mind.

Our team realizes that as partners, we can achieve more so we always help our clients as partners and facilitators instead of just managing event launches for them. Therefore, we are with the client from the stages of preplanning till after the product strategy launch to ensure that each and every step of product launch goes as planned and proves to be fruitful for the brand image and positioning in the market.

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Roadshows Singapore

roadshows singapore roadshows RoadShows road shows singapore


If you are looking to take your business, event or show on the road, then you are in the right place as Haute Events have experience of providing our clients with roadshows and we will provide you with exceptional services to take your message to different places efficiently.

Our team realizes that road shows are an amazing way to take your message to different places, and get to interact with audience and customers belonging to different demographics. roadshows also generate a lot of excitement in not only the clients, but also among the audience and customers as the word of roadshows spreads, people get excited to attend them. If road shows are managed and executed professionally, audience and customer interest can be heightened a lot and a lot of business can be generated.

Haute event management dedicates a lot of time and effort to get to know you, your business, your event, roadshows objectives, and your budget. Once all the information is collected and analyzed, our dedicated team spends a lot of time to plan and deliver a plan that serves your purpose. We provide you the opportunity to choose from a lot of ways to present your message for example presentations, shows, games, question and answer sessions etc., and once the way to communicate the message is decided we work with you to perfect the message delivery so that the prospective audience and customers are engaged throughout the roadshows and positive word of mouth and publicity regarding the road show spreads. We also work with the clients to narrow their focus or enlarge their focus from multi-city to multi-stop events, depending on the event objectives and our vast knowledge of top-tiered destinations in various cities adds to your advantage as we plan and execute your road show to travel to the most momentous stops.

Our team coordinates with you at each and every moment, from the planning to the execution, to ensure that all the arrangements and services are flawless on every stop of your itinerary. Our team diligently monitor changes and continually track the progress of the roadshows to ensure that each and every step on the road show is a success. We also work with the best Emcee’s in Singapore to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients irrespective of their business size. Thus, recognizing the important part the road shows can play for your business or event, Haute Event Management is dedicated to provide you a seamless plan and technology to execute your road show flawlessly.

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