Green Events

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Green Events

green events singapore Green Events Green Events  green events singapore

Haute Events is also experienced in pulling off successful green events and we have worked together with many clients to successfully arrange events of various magnitudes be it a small in-house meeting, small office meeting, large on and off campus events, to formal corporate meetings, full scale corporate CSR events, all the while ensuring that our events don’t cause any negative environmental impact.

Haute events realize that our green events clients have strong principles which they want to adhere to during the arrangement and execution of their events and we truly support and understand their cause to encourage, recognize and celebrate the voluntary, sustainable efforts to reduce harmful environmental impacts. Thus, we work with our clients to reduce the environmental, social and financial costs of their events, all the while their events serving as an opportunity to inform and engage event attendees in the sustainable initiatives.

Haute Events realize that when our clients decide to do green events, it surely doesn’t mean that they have to cut back on fun times, thus, our team works dedicate to arrange productive and enjoyable events whilst taking care of the planet. Therefore, we work diligently to ensure that the food, advertising, invitations, decorations, and transportation for the events are resource intensive and help the client in pulling off the event in a sustainable and green way, all the while ensuring that the event is successful and pleasant for the attendees.

Our Creative Director and Head of Strategy work together relentlessly with clients to ensure that the green events are executed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. This involves taking into account and striving to reduce water and energy usage, waste and greenhouse gas production and limit negative impacts on biodiversity. Thus, if you are looking to arrange a green event, then Haute Events is surely the place to be as we work through an extensive green check list with our clients in planning the event, in finding green accommodation for the attendees if needed, in finding green restaurants and organic food, in deciphering eco-labels for the events and also arranging for other green items required by the client. Thus, the next time you are on a lookout for arranging a fabulous green event, be it as large as a symposium, a green conference, a walk for cause, or small seminars, lectures, goodwill carnivals or corporate endeavors to highlight the importance of an organizations’ impact, Haute Events will surely be able to cater to your individual needs.

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